Meet Amy

"Where focus goes, energy flows, and results show!"

Amy Emme has spent over 25 years motivating and inspiring audiences to be on target for success. After turning a small town archery business into the largest archery training center in the world, Amy Emme decided to redirect her Olympic training techniques to work with professionals and top leaders to fulfill their potential and live the life of their dreams.

As a Certified Hypnotist and Hypnocoach, Amy Emme develops custom programs centered on mental toughness and focus. Through her unique approach, Amy Emme captivates her audiences and leaves them with the tools to shoot straight for success.

In recent years, Amy Emme has worked as a performance coach for multiple organizations, companies, C-Level executives and top athletes, many of whom have competed professionally and at Olympic Games. Gaining accolades for her ability to deliver results, Amy Emme has been invited to share the stage with many of today’s most renowned speakers. Most notably Amy Emme was asked to share the stage with the likes of Les Brown, Marshall Silver and Harv Ecker speaking in front of a crowd of thousands. In addition to being a popular motivational keynote speaker, Amy Emme has been featured in multiple business, lifestyle and political publications and is known for her coaching series  “Zero to Hero in Eight Weeks.” Share your dream and she can get you paid to do it. 

amy emme success coach

Taking a well deserved break from her speaking career, Amy Emme began focusing on empowering women. In order to help as many women as possible, Amy Emme founded Wuwu Women in 2009, with the mission of helping women across the world hit their target for life, success and happiness through realizing their fullest potential. She also has partnered with multiple counseling and abuse centers to support women in their decision to better their lives. When she is not consulting, coaching, writing or speaking, Amy enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, and getting in the nature on her paddleboard in sunny Florida. 

In her energetic approach, Amy Emme is the perfect balance of fun and focus, leaving audiences around the world edutained and wanting more!

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